Human Resources

HR BASICS: Managing poor performance

The success of every organisation depends on the performance of employees. Poor performance is one of the main causes as to why a firm does not survive. In running a venture, staff performance management is an indispensable skill for a company to thrive as well as to survive.

This course is aimed at both experienced as well as relatively inexperienced managers and supervisors, as a practical hands-on method to deal effectively with poor performance and below expected standards of output.

The course sets out to ensure that management takes ownership of the duty to plan, lead, motivate, and control employees in a positive, confident as well as professional manner.

The course content is organised into the following sections:

•An explanation of the essential elements of the employment relationship, including a distinction between capacity and misconduct as well as important legal considerations.
•Dealing effectively with poor work performance problems, including a step-by-step method to manage the poor performance process.
•A toolkit that consists of user-friendly forms, letters, checklists, and process documentation.

  • MODULE 1
  • Introduction
  • Test yourself
  • MODULE 2
  • Problem identification
  • Test yourself
  • MODULE 3
  • Criteria for performance measurement
  • Test yourself
  • MODULE 4
  • Legal considerations
  • Test yourself
  • MODULE 5
  • Fundamentals of poor performance management systems
  • Test yourself
  • MODULE 6
  • Ten golden steps for poor performance management
  • Test yourself
  • Course feedback
  • Feedback
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever