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Becoming change resilient


Whether we thrive on change or hate it, the only constant in our modern society is change. Those who orchestrate the change have forewarning and understand the reasons why things need to change. However, people on the receiving end of change tend to become anxious and stressed. This course will provide you with strategies to cope with change.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • identify your own and other’s coping mechanisms
  • reduce or increase your stress levels
  • shift your thinking patterns in terms of change
  • replace self-sabotaging thought patterns with more realistic optimistic beliefs
  • become more change hardy
  • take charge of and manage your future and learn how to capitalise on the many opportunities that change presents. 

Who should attend:

Individuals and business professionals who want to become change agile.

Type of training:

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JvR Team

Disclaimer: Presenters and attendees of all CPD activities must please note that the attainment of continuing education units (CEUs) does not licence any professional to practice outside their official scope of practice. CEUs are intended to broaden the knowledge of professionals but do not constitute professional training.

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