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Strengthscope™ is a leading strengths profiler that provides a comprehensive measurement of work-based strengths and the extent to which these are productively applied by individuals and teams at work. It’s the only strengths-based 360º tool that enables the individual to receive feedback from up to eight raters.

Learning outcomes:
  • Strength-focused approach
  • Comprehensive understanding of Strengthscope™and Strengthscope360™ profiles
  • How to apply the '5 A strengths to success development process' to accelerate learning, agility, and success
  • How to provide powerful feedback
  • How to translate the day's learning into practical, business-focused outcomes
What's included:
  • A full-day of training using didactic and experiential learning techniques
  • Strengthscope™ Training files and cards
  • Your own Strengthscope™ feedback report
  • Lunch and refreshments

The Strengthsope™ online assessment is completed before the training.

Who should attend:

  • Psychologists
  • Psychometrists
  • Registered counsellors
  • HR professionals and coaches
  • Interns in these fields             wishing to build greater awareness of strengths and how these can be useful to optimise performance & engagement at work.

Type of training:

International accreditation


Dr. Karina de Bruin
Sandra Case

Disclaimer: Presenters and attendees of all CPD activities must please note that the attainment of continuing education units (CEUs) does not licence any professional to practice outside their official scope of practice. CEUs are intended to broaden the knowledge of professionals but do not constitute professional training.

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