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Therapy to children in the context of divorce

In 2002, a study of 2 500 children of divorced families who were observed for thirty years by Professor Mavis Hetherington of the University of Virginia revealed that the great majority showed very little long-term damage and, as adults, functioned well. However, of course, 25% of children did not do so well. Divorce can be the most devastating experience of a child’s life because it disrupts his/her developing sense of trust, security, and self, and understanding of fit into the family and other groups.

The one-day workshop will cover:

  • Orientation: possible effects of divorce on children; assisting parents to support their children in a helpful manner
  • Assisting children to identify and process emotions, whilst understanding a possible new identity
  • Identifying adjustment issues and addressing it through therapeutic techniques
  • Non-directive play therapy
  • Case study: Identifying the specific problems that a child is dealing with in the context of divorce and/or separation; developing a treatment plan

Who should attend:


Type of training:



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