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Creative Intelligence @ work

Covid-19 was an unanticipated trigger that fast-tracked the 4th Industrial Revolution and the impact on society, communication, learning, and work is evident. Individuals, teams, and leaders are urged to re-invent, re-create, and re-imagine a post-lockdown world of work. Creativity has been proposed as one of the top ten future skills required to navigate the challenges posed by the 4IR. Creativity has long been viewed as the exclusive domain of writers, artists, musicians, and actors. The shift in thinking is that everyone is creative. Creativity can be developed by acquiring and utilising creative thinking and problem-solving methodologies, frameworks, and techniques. Creativity and original thought ensure competitive advantage. Design thinking ignites creativity and innovation. Creative Intelligence (CQ) - the practical application of creativity, innovation, and design thinking - can assist individuals, teams, leaders, and organisations to make sense of the current realities while co-creating a future where everyone will thrive.
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