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Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test - Second Edition

The Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test – Second Edition (Bender-II) is one of the most valuable assessment measures in assessing and examining a person’s visual processing and visual-motor integration skills. However, with its potential to identify not only difficulties related to visual processing and visual-motor integration, but also potential emotional and neurological difficulties, it is of the utmost importance that practitioners are well-versed in the administration and scoring of this assessment measure. This workshop will focus on exactly that. First, attendees will be introduced to a bit of background information on the Bender-II, as well as its administration. During this session, concepts related to visual processing will be reviewed. Second, attention will be given to the scoring of the test and the emotional and neurological indicators that practitioners need to be aware of. Finally, through a case study, attendees will be able to apply what they have learned.
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